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2023 Lyrics by Unknown T. 2023 Song from Blood Diamond Album. This song is sung by Unknown T And Music is Composed by Unknown. 2023 Lyrics are penned by Unknown. Blood Diamond Album song 2023 is published under the label of Unknown T.

2023 Lyrics

2023 Blood Diamond Album Song Detail

Song: 2023
Album: Blood Diamond
Singer: Unknown T
Lyrics: Unknown
Music: Unknown
Label: Unknown T

2023 Lyrics


Two L, two-three, we saw those sirens
Get the drop, slime him, call it “blood diamonds”
VVS on flick, have to combine them
Dumb yat put brick in the wrong Pyrex, yuck
Broad day on the crash, I brought the hi-vis
On the block with the gang for all the timers
And know I’m high risk
Got oppers gettin’ pressured like my diamonds did
Hella man just pree, they’re not that violent

And my gang just rep my block I ride in
Ain’t a four-five thing, it’s a Star 9 thing
He’s not providin’, he’s on a shy thing
More oppers to pick the block, dividin’
But they’re all hidin’ cah we’re all glidin’
Bine ’em, bine ’em, fuck the wrong timin’, knife him, slime him

Leave the machine in the council flat
If there’s opps on the block, then hung up the wap
Wouldn’t have trusted a cat, bet that bitch is tapped
And you turned [?] angel, no cap
Lift up your hat, bullet
Whack, we aim for corpse and watch all the chat
Reverse and slap, bullet
Whack, 2-0-2-3’s ’bout to get mad
Lit up (Lit up, lit up, lit up)

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2023 Blood Diamond Album Song FAQ

Who wrote the lyrics of “2023” song?

Unknown has written the lyrics of “2023”.

Who is the singer of “2023” song?

Unknown T has sung the song “2023”.

Who composed the music of “2023” song?

2023 song composed by Unknown.

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