Beast and Peace Lyrics Translation in English – Mohbad

Beast and Peace Lyrics Translation in English: Beast and Peace is the most recent Mohbad song and music is composed by Unknown. Beast and Peace Lyrics are penned by Mohbad. Beast and Peace features Mohbad. This song is published under the label of Mohbad.

Beast and Peace Lyrics Translation in English

Beast and Peace Song Detail    

Song: Beast and Peace
Singer: Mohbad
Lyrics: Mohbad
Music: Unknown
Featuring: Mohbad
Label: Mohbad

Beast and Peace Lyrics Translation in English

I am in silent mood but I am a beast
I can cause violence but I still have peace
You don’t have to hurt me, before you win
You don’t have to kill somebody before you die
Oosha can browse, without going to sub it
You can go far without God
Say goodbye to the owner
Let’s talk about our tail
Even theirs is given with a spoon

He can reward us
I don’t get that bad
From life to life
Since 1990
Ton Lu beat patipati
I Timo feel bad
I arrived again feeling good
Now I feel better
Surulere like a page
Because I look at the heart, they say that I am on drugs
Now Mowa is on top, my life outside is contour
Mopawon in Naija, mopawon in London
Funwon is kpk, ponmo, light boy mon tana

(Light boy I’m so bright)

My mummy and my daddy
They are just asking me questions
They have this Ibo lottery vibe
Shey money demon
They tricked my senior
They asked where you see money
Timo the most, they photocopy me
My first cashout, my mother came with a bazooka
Thanks for the sharp shooters
Sorry Tonba threw it out
Traa ta ta ta ta ta ta ta

They want to shame me
See, I am shameless
Wonfe stain white but Mowa stainless
Those niggas still leave me
They can see Realness
Because of my silence
No mean say that weakness
Shoutout to J, Diarra and Hayan
Cy, darosha, prime boy, spending
With my daddy, my dad came spLendid
OLogo, Zomo, Tia, BeLLa


Soul Black

Wow such a eh
Kind of tone
Kokin Shey original
Grace, slanderer
But Kokin Shey actually

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Beast and Peace Song FAQ

Who wrote the Lyrics of  “Beast and Peace” song?

Mohbad has written the Lyrics Translation in English of “Beast and Peace”.

Who is the singer of  “Beast and Peace” song?

Mohbad has sung the song “Beast and Peace”.

Who has been featured in the music video?

The music video of  “Beast and Peace” features Mohbad, Mohbad.

Who composed the music of  “Beast and Peace” song?

Beast and Peace song composed by Unknown.

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