La Vaguelette Lyrics In English Translation- Franny

La Vaguelette Lyrics Translation in English: La Vaguelette is the most recent Genshin Impact song and music is composed by Unknown. La Vaguelette Lyrics are penned by Unknown. This song is published under the label of Franny.

La Vaguelette Lyrics In English Translation

La Vaguelette Song Detail    

Song: La Vaguelette
Singer: Genshin Impact
Lyrics: Unknonw
Music: Unknonw
Label: Franny

La Vaguelette Lyrics Translation in English

If I could only return to the water’s embrace
Wouldn’t the world be a lovelier place?
Dear Mother, would you be able to forgive?
As the dancing water flows, so too we would live
The city it would nourish
And you too, my dear, would flourish

But love alone could be to no avail
Only farewell, I fear, would prevail
Thus are our lives filled with joy and sorrow
I’ll be here always, forever and tomorrow
To behold the world’s undying beauty
And that shall live on in perpetuity

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La Vaguelette Song FAQ

Who wrote the Lyrics of  “La Vaguelette” song?

Unknown has written the Lyrics Translation in English of “La Vaguelette”.

Who is the singer of  “La Vaguelette” song?

Genshin Impact has sung the song “La Vaguelette”.

Who directed “La Vaguelette” music video?

Puneet Chalana has directed the music video of  “La Vaguelette”.

Who has been featured in the music video?

The music video of  “La Vaguelette” features Genshin Impact, Aruna Beniwal.

Who composed the music of  “La Vaguelette” song?

La Vaguelette song composed by Unknown.